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a sweater for pup, frogged

I had to tear up what I had completed so far because of a missed stitch and the fact that the stockinette stitch was curling up like mad on the end.

This time I started out with one knit row after the cast on, then followed up with two knit 2 purl 2 rows. Then I started the stockinette stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row). The piece is keeping it’s shape better and I have instituted a new policy of using a little yellow card to let me know what row I am on so I don’t repeat on accident.


I will eventually finish this project, honest.

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a sweater for pup

So, I started a new knitting project, a sweater for pup. It gets pretty cold here over the winter, but my goal is to have it done before we drive up to NY for Christmas. We are flying to Buffalo this weekend, so I plan to get a lot finished on the flight.


The first part is a 14 inch by 16 rectangle, fairly easy. I am doing the entire thing in a stockinette stitch, but I got messed up in one spot, so it will have two patterned stripes down each side. If I can figure out how many total stitches I am going to need, I will try and add a more decorative strip in the very middle.

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Riesling’s scarf

I finished my first knitting project, pup’s ribbed scarf—knit two rows, purl two rows. Riesling likes it, although her attention span for posing is short.

My next project was learning the ribbed stitch—knit two, purl two along the same row. It’s easy to get the hang of it once you know to move the yarn to the front or back of your right needle. Here’s my first swatch…


I think I’ll try a fitted cap next, then onto that dog sweater I’ve been wanting to make!

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pink is her color

I wanted to make something cute for Riesling to wear to SchnOctoberFest this year, so I picked up some pink yarn and am in the process of knitting a scarf for her.

The knitting part was easy, but how would I feel about purling? As it turns out, I find purling almost easier than the knitting. Go figure. The hardest part is keeping the tension consistent, I can only imagine this takes a lot of practice.

This little bit took me less than half an hour, so hopefully I’ll have it done by the weekend.

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getting the hang of this knitting business

I did pull out all my work from the previous post because a few of my beginning stitches were pretty ugly. This meant I had to work with some pretty kinky yarn for a while, but I am well past where I stopped in the last update.

I feel like I am getting the rhythm down but am not to the point where I can take my eyes off my work to say, watch TV at the same time.

Rather than keep going with just the knit stitch, I cast off my current project in order to practice the purl stitch. It’s a little odd shaped, but not too bad for my first swatch.

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orange scarf, casting on and the first few rows

I sat down with my new ball of gray yarn yesterday and successfully cast on a number of rows… but when I went to start my first row of knitting I was unable to see the loops because of the texture of the yarn.

So today after church, I picked up this skein of (easier) persimmon yarn for $1.85 to practice my technique.

Casting on was by far the easiest part. I could do that all day. My first few rows of knitting, however, were a different story.

I have about three rows done, but will probably start over due to a few missed loops in the very beginning. I am getting the hang of the motion though and am still working on getting the tension just right for the size of the needles.

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just what I need, another hobby!

On my list of Things To Do Before I Turn 35, is learning to knit. My mom didn’t teach me and I’ve never seen my gram knit either, so I’ll be learning in a more contemporary way—from a book!

A good friend of mine showed me this book she really liked and briefly taught me to cast on and knit a few stitches. I added it to my Amazon wishlist a few months back and purchased some yarn and knitting needles with every good intention to start practicing. Behold, look what the USPS delivered from my mom-in-law for my birthday…


Progress reports coming soon!

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