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prepping for my live demo tomorrow

Getting a painting started of my brother-in-law’s cockapoo, Holly, for my live demo tomorrow at Jerry’s Artarama from 1-4pm. I plan on finishing this one and starting one of my aunt-in-law’s golden retriever, Katie.

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a decidedly silly suggestion

I was wandering around the internet this afternoon and found a wonderful piece on how to target those problem areas of your paintings. Why didn’t I think of this?  :)

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Utah aspens

A new moleskine painting is up on Flickr. This one is from Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. The beautiful cathedral is directly behind me.

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A finished a new drawing in my moleskine a while back and finally got around to posting it on Flickr

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live pastel demonstration on August 31!

I will be one of a handful of artists doing a live pastel demo at Jerry’s Artarama on Sunday, August 31st from 1-4pm. So come out and say hi if you’re interested in my dog portraits.

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another avatar

Ever wanted your own avatar?  I’ve been seeing these pop up on the web from this place called Face Your Manga. It’s very easy and takes under 10 minutes.

Here’s me as a Manga character. :)

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and so it goes…

Hobbies tend to get pushed to the side when we get busy. In my case, I’ve been starting my web design company and as such, haven’t made the time for painting, knitting or other creative activities that don’t involve my laptop computer.

Today is my birthday and my resolution is to start painting regularly again, even if it’s only an hour a week. Which means I have to clean out my studio. Ah, it’s always something!

Last night, while watching the Olympics, I created this avatar for myself in Photoshop using this tutorial on Eric made me add the freckles! :)

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