groundSPARK, street painting in Raleigh

Yesterday, I spent an hour drawing with chalk in a four foot by four foot square in the hot sun. I found out about this street painting festival rather late, but still managed to score a square, lucky #7…

(with a big ‘ole oil stain in it… that blue towel was tossed shortly after I finished the painting as it was coated with grease)

I decided the night before to paint Riesling on our colorful futon to make full use of the myriad of colors available. I was afraid of running out of black, gray and white if I just did her portrait.

I had a few people stop by and ask some questions and I overhead more folks say “Look, a schanauzer!” Good to know that she was recognizable!

Here I am adding some highlights to her eyebrows after I signed it.

It was so hot that my sweat kept dripping onto my reference photo and painting! Plus, I am completely filthy.

I’m happy with my final product, especially since it was my first time participating in a street painting festival. Many folks were planning with grids and really working the pastel chalk into the ground, using hair spray as a fixative. I basically just sketched on the ground. After completing one myself, I can really appreciate the effort that goes into the beautiful works that some people create at these things!

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